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Savings Accounts

At Ridgewood, we offer a wide range of savings and investment plans to help your money grow quickly and securely. You'll have easy access to your money and earn competitive interest rates. Plus at Ridgewood, all savings accounts are insured up to FDIC limits.

Statement Savings

Access your money when you need it, anytime, anywhere by phone, on the Internet, or at an ATM.

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Passbook Savings

Make as many deposits and withdrawals as you'd like with our passbook savings account and get a handy, convenient record of your transactions too. And with our automatic savings feature, you can have a savings deposit transferred weekly or monthly from your Ridgewood Checking Account. It's a great way to save!

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Smart Move Online Savings

Enjoy access to your money when you need it, anytime, anywhere by phone, on the Internet, or at an ATM.

  • No minimum deposit to open
  • No monthly fees
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Up to six withdrawal limit per statement cycle

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PowerFlex Money Market Account

Our tiered PowerFlex Money Market Account provides higher balance savers with higher than regular savings account rates and greater liquidity. The more you keep on deposit, the more you earn. You'll enjoy the flexibility of Free Online Banking and in-person withdrawals,* limited check writing and ATM access.

*Unlimited withdrawals are generally permitted in person or by mail. However, the Bank is required to limit the number of transfers from your Account to another account of yours at the Bank or to a third party, involving checks you write, debit cards, automatic transfers, telephone or computer transfers and pre-authorized transfers to no more than six (6) per monthly cycle.

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Club Savings

Save for a vacation, a special event, or for the holidays. Open a Ridgewood Checking Account and with as little as $10.00 you are eligible for a Club Savings Account. On a set schedule (weekly, biweekly, monthly) an amount you specify is automatically withdrawn from a checking account and deposited into your Club Savings Account.

Kids Club

The Kids Club is a great way for kids to save and learn to manage money. Any amount over $.25 can be deposited at any time. There is no minimum balance to open a Kids Club account.

Saving at School

The School Savings account is designed for children under 17 years of age who attend a participating school. In order to help children learn the benefits of saving, the Bank establishes a messenger pick up/return schedule with these participating schools to enable children to make regularly scheduled deposits to their accounts while at school.

The child needs only a social security card as identification and be able to sign or print his/her name. There is no minimum balance and the child can deposit any amount over $.25.

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