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How It Works

Our friendly mortgage consultants are here to simplify the whole process. They'll answer your questions, help you choose your best option and walk you through every step of the application.


It starts with a free consultation with one of our mortgage consultants. They have decades of experience serving homebuyers in our area and can help you find the best mortgages for your budget.


Prequalification is a great way to determine how much you can afford and show sellers you're a serious buyer. Contact one of our friendly mortgage consultants to request your free pre qualification.1


Once you've placed an offer on a home and the seller has accepted it, we'll begin the mortgage approval process. You will provide some financial paperwork and sign a few documents, and we'll have the home appraised and lock in the rate and term for your mortgage.2


Once your mortgage is ready to be finalized, we'll set up a close date with you, your real estate agent, the seller, and a representative from the title company. Your attorney should be there to help you sign the final loan documents and complete your purchase. Welcome to your new home!

1. For those who qualify. 2. There is a fee for the home appraisal, which will be assessed during closing. The rate lock is valid for 70 days and is subject to terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

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Reach out to a mortgage consultant to request your free pre qualification today!1

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Unique Benefits

With so many great options, you're sure to find the loan that's right for you.

  • Up to 97% financing for single-family homes, condos & co-ops
  • Up to 95% financing for two-family homes
  • Bi-weekly payment schedules available
  • Parents can co-sign
  • No-point mortgage options available