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15 Month Penalty Free CD:
 2.25% APY*
30 Month Variable Rate CD:
 2.43% APY**
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Keep Your Money Growing and Your Options Open
Ready to grow your savings faster - but afraid of locking up your money for a long period? We've got you covered.
With our special Penalty Free 15 Month CD or 30 Month Variable Rate CD, you can earn one of the best 15 or 30 month rates in our area - while having the flexibility that you need.

These unique CDs provide:
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Protection from stock market dips

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Guaranteed earnings for the whole term

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Steady growth to help you save for long-term goals

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More flexibility than traditional CDs


Choose the CD That's Right For You.
Penalty Free 15 Month CD: 2.25% APY*
  • Earn a guaranteed rate for 15 months.
  • If you have an unexpected expense, if you change your mind or want a different CD, the entire balance can be withdrawn after 15 days - penalty free!
  • Open with just $500.
30 Month Variable Rate CD: 2.43% APY**
  • Earn a rate that is guaranteed to be 0.10% higher than the 2 Year U.S. Treasury Rate (subject to a cap), updating monthly.
  • The interest rate can go as high as 3.50% (3.61% APY) and will not go below 2.00% (2.05% APY).
  • Open with just $500.


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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) displayed is as of Rates are effective as of 5/10/2019. Withdrawals cannot be made during the first 15 days of account opening. After the 15th day from account opening, the full balance may be withdrawn at any time. No partial withdrawals of principal or interest are permitted at any time. Minimum deposit is $500. A Ridgewood savings or checking account required.

**Annual Percentage Yield (APY) displayed is as of Rates are effective as of 5/10/2019. Early withdrawal penalty applies. Other fees and restrictions may apply. The Annual Percentage Yield assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. Minimum deposit IS $500. The interest rate is based on the 3 Year U.S. Treasury Rate and updates on the 1st of every month, however the interest rate will not go below 2.00% (2.05% APY) or exceed 3.50% (3.61 % APY).

Offers subject to change and early termination without prior notice at any time. Fees may reduce earnings. Maximum deposit is $250,000.