Application to request Business Online Banking

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The entries in this Application Form must be completed by an Authorized Signer for all the Accounts at Ridgewood Savings Bank ("Bank") related to the Business Name listed below.

Business Online Banking will enable you to: (1) view account balances, (2) review the past 12 months of transaction history; (3) review copies of checks paid in the past 6 months, and (4) make transfers between your linked accounts (subject to applicable limits). Business Online Banking is subject to the terms of the following Business Online Banking Agreement:

In addition, you may apply to use the following additional Business Online Banking services:

Each of the above Business Online Banking services are subject to its own User Agreement and/or Terms and Conditions, which you will be required to review and agree to if you are approved to use such service.

The above named Authorized Signer(s) (each, an "Authorized Signer") of the above named Business ("Customer") hereby requests and authorizes Ridgewood Savings Bank ("Bank") to review the information on this Application for eligibility to utilize: (i) Business Online Banking as set forth in the Business Online Banking Agreement; and (ii) each of the additional Business Online Banking services that have been selected above (collectively, the "Services"). The Authorized Signer represents and warrants that he/she is a duly authorized signer/officer of Customer and that the all the information provided to Bank on this Application is complete and accurate.

Customer acknowledges that Bank reserves the right to charge fees for the Services in accordance with Bank's most current "Business Banking Fee Schedule". By clicking on "Submit Info" below, you are authorizing the Bank to obtain any and all reports, including but not limited to consumer reports, and to conduct any and all investigations, including but not limited to background investigations, on the Customer and on the Authorized Signer. The Authorized Signer hereby authorizes any person or consumer reporting agency to give to the Bank any information it has on such Authorized Signer. If applicable, the Authorized Signer has the right to ask for the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that gave the Bank the consumer report. If this Application is approved, you understand and agree that Bank may, at any time in the future, obtain additional consumer reports and/or conduct additional investigations on the above named Customer and on the Authorized Signer.

By clicking "Submit Info" below, the Authorized Signer acknowledges receipt of the Business Online Banking Agreement provided above and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions thereof.

(Please contact your Business Banking Relationship Manager if you plan on having more than two authorized signers.)

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IMPORTANT: Please submit only the information requested on this form. If you need to contact us regarding your account, please call your local branch or, if your existing agreement requires you to contact us via a different means (such as at a specified telephone number or address), please contact us in the manner specified.