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At Ridgewood Financial Services, we start by listening. You tell us what you want to accomplish, your tolerance for risk, your current savings and investments and how much time you have to reach your goals. Then we'll help you craft a strategy that's right for you.

Data-Driven Results

Informed by the latest research from highly respected industry analysts, we will help you select the right investment vehicle or mix of products and services to help you reach your goals.

Unwavering Integrity

We're committed to providing our clients with the objective, informed guidance they deserve. You can be sure that our recommendations are based on what we believe is in your best interest.

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Solutions for Every Stage of Life.

Whether you're starting a family or starting retirement, we offer access to financial solutions to help prepare you for what's next.

When it comes to providing the best opportunities for your children, a great education is more important than ever. With tuition costs steadily rising, it's never too early to start saving for your child's higher education. As one of the most popular ways to save for college, a 529 college fund can provide:

  • Tax Advantages: This educational savings account is exempt from federal taxes and offers state tax benefits as well.1
  • Potential Growth: Money deposited in your 529 savings plan will be invested in mutual funds, helping you reach your savings goals.
  • Flexibility: Funds can be used for a variety of education expenses, including tuition, room and board and school supplies.

Preserving and building wealth calls for investment options with the right balance of potential risk and potential reward. For many people, a mutual fund can be a good fit. Mutual funds let you pool your money with other investors, which may allow you to access higher returns and investments that may be out of reach for individual investors. For people who can accept some risk, mutual funds offer:

  • Diversification: When you buy shares of a mutual fund, you spread your dollars across a wide range of securities, helping reduce the risks that come with investing in a single security.2
  • Professional Management: Experienced professionals manage the investment portfolio, putting their knowledge to work for you.
  • Ready Liquidity: With most mutual funds, you may redeem shares on any business day, at that day's share price.

Reliable income is key to a secure retirement. That's why an annuity, a type of insurance product, could be a great addition to your retirement strategy. Consider boosting your savings and retirement income with one of these options:

  • Tax-Deferred Fixed Annuities: These annuities can provide a dependable, fixed rate of return for consistent, steady growth. And, like other tax-deferred investments, this option allows most people to defer state and federal taxes3 on accumulated earnings until their principal and interest income are disbursed.
  • Variable Annuities: These annuities combine the tax-deferral benefits of a fixed annuity with the flexibility and performance of an investment fund. For those with more tolerance for market fluctuations and an ability to invest for a longer period of time, this can be an effective way to enjoy a higher rate of return.

You want your loved ones to be financially secure if you're not there. With deep experience helping people with a variety of life insurance needs, our team can help you find an affordable life insurance solution that's right for you and your family.

  • Term Insurance: Term insurance comes in a wide range of savings terms and coverage options, and can provide a simple way to make sure your loved ones have financial support when they need it most.
  • Whole Life Insurance: Whole life insurance can help cover funeral costs, outstanding medical expenses and other debts, and can even provide financial support for loved ones.

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1. 529 plans may offer tax advantages in an investor's home state. Please consult your tax advisor for more details. 2. Diversification is a method of controlling risk. It does not assure a profit or the avoidance of loss. 3. Please consult your tax advisor. Income may be subject to the alternative minimum tax. Because annuities are designed to provide income at retirement, any withdrawals prior to age 59½ may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty. For retirees in need of monthly income, some annuities offer periodic income options.

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