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Embracing Fall, Fortifying Cybersecurity, and Fostering Community
A Message from Ridgewood Savings Bank's Chairman

Dear Valued Customers

October 2023

As we welcome the crisp, colorful days of fall, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings on behalf of Ridgewood Savings Bank. The autumn season brings a unique blend of change and continuity, reflecting the essence of our community banking values, which we hold dear.

This October, as the leaves begin to fall, we are reminded of the importance of cybersecurity, as it coincides with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. At Ridgewood, we are fully committed to helping safeguard your financial well-being and personal information. We understand that in today's digital age, online activities, especially during the upcoming holiday season, have become paramount for many.

With holiday shopping just around the corner, we want to help you feel confident as you embark on your online spending journeys. Our dedicated cybersecurity teams work tirelessly to help protect you from cyber threats, employing technologies and training to stay one step ahead of potential risks. We encourage you to take advantage of our resources, such as cybersecurity tips and tools, to enhance your own online safety.

While our commitment to digital security is unwavering, Ridgewood Savings Bank also cherishes the traditional values of community banking. We understand the significance of personal connections, and we believe that walking into a branch should be more than a transaction; it should be a warm welcome from familiar faces who understand your unique financial needs. This fall, we invite you to visit any of our branches and experience firsthand the personal touch that sets us apart. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you navigate your financial journey with empathy and expertise.

For those who bank at our Laurelton branch, we look forward to you joining us this coming year as we celebrate the 75th anniversary at this landmark location. Laurelton officially opened in 1948, becoming our third branch. Upon completion of our recent renovation to the branch, this fall we will cut a ribbon with community officials and elected leaders. Watch for customer appreciation events next spring.

As a community bank, we take pride in our role as a catalyst for positive change in the neighborhoods we serve. We firmly believe that by multiplying the good in our work, we can create a ripple effect that uplifts our communities. Whether it's through supporting local initiatives, volunteering, or providing financial education, Ridgewood Savings Bank is committed to making a meaningful impact. We invite you to join us in these endeavors, for together, we can create a stronger, more vibrant community.

BronxNet TV recently spotlighted the many events we have held in the community and our financial literacy work in the schools. You can see the interview with BronxNet TV host Daren Jaime and Janice Martin, Branch Manager and Assistant Vice President, White Plains Road Branch

In closing, this fall, let's embrace the changing seasons with open hearts and a focus on security, community, and personal connection. At Ridgewood Savings Bank, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner as you navigate the digital landscape and the joys of the holiday season.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your financial journey, and we look forward to serving you in the months ahead.


Warm regards,

Leonard Stekol

Leonard Stekol
Chairman, President & CEO


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