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Come to Ridgewood and Multiply the Good...

Ready to Switch Banks?

You've come to the right place. We can help make this change as easy as possible. Below you'll find:

Make Your Transition to Ridgewood as Smooth as Possible with These 4 Steps.


  • Open Your New Account

    Before pulling the plug on your old bank, choose and open the Ridgewood account that's right for you. You can start one online or visit your local branch.

    Keep enough cash in your old account to cover any unpaid bills or checks that still need to clear. Transfer the rest to your new Ridgewood account.

  • Update Your Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments

    Review your latest monthly statement from your old bank and note all of your automatic payments and direct deposits using this helpful checklist.

    Then, complete and send our Automatic Withdrawal & Direct Deposit Change Form to each organization that automatically debits your account or pays you with direct deposit.

    If any of your payments were initiated with online bill pay, delete these transactions through your previous bank and set them up for your new account through Ridgewood Online Banking.

  • Keep Your Old Account Open

    Stop using your old account completely, but keep it open for at least another month. This will help you avoid any complications with automatic payments or uncashed checks.

  • Close Your Old Account

    Once you are sure all outstanding checks have cleared and all automatic bill payments are complete, you can officially close your old account and transfer the rest of your money to the new account.

    Simply fill out this Account Closure Authorization Form and send it to your old bank.

    You're all set!


    Ridgewood's Online and Mobile Banking make it extra easy to track direct deposits, withdrawals and payments to make sure all your recurring transactions are properly set up. Sign up for Online Banking here, or download our free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.