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Wealth Management
Secured Loans

Secured Loans


Savings* and Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit (CD)** Account Loans

Secure Loans

Use the funds in your Savings/CD as collateral


Secure Loans Interest

Your Savings/CD earns interest while securing the loan


Credit Score

No credit inquiry


Funds become available

Funds become available as your loan is paid down



No matter how well you plan for the future, at some point, you may need a loan. We provide you with the ability to use the funds that you have on deposit in a Ridgewood Savings Bank Passbook/Statement Savings Account or Fixed Rate CD  as collateral for a secured loan. You pay the loan back over time as your savings account or CD continues to earn interest. These loans also provide the following:

  • A fixed rate - only 3% above the Savings/CD account interest rate on the day you borrow the money
  • You can borrow up to 75% of the balance in your Savings or CD Account, however, the loan may not exceed $40,000
  • Immediate approval based on your available account balance


Visit your local Ridgewood Savings Bank branch to obtain a Savings or CD loan today.


*Not available on Money Market and Smart Move Online Savings Accounts.

**The loan must be paid in full on or before the maturity date of the CD.

Savings and CD loans cannot be secured on an IRA, Custodial or Guardian account.