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The Right Account Makes Managing an Estate Simple

If you are serving as the executor of a will or the administrator of an estate, you’ve got a lot of financial responsibilities to manage, from paying debts and taxes to ensuring the estate is divided among its beneficiaries. Ridgewood Savings Bank can help make these tasks easier with a convenient Estate Account. 

What You’ll Need

Opening your Estate Account is easy. Just bring the following items into your nearest Ridgewood branch:

  • Your photo ID
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your New York State proof-of-address
  • The estate’s Tax ID number (EIN)
  • Original court-appointed letters of testamentary or administration featuring a court seal and no older than six months
  • Original death certificate if deceased had any accounts with Ridgewood Savings Bank in the past year




Why Choose Ridgewood?

Your unique financial situation calls for a unique financial institution. Since 1921, Ridgewood Savings Bank has been here to serve our fellow New Yorkers. We offer the convenience you expect from a big national bank, paired with personalized service that only a community bank can offer.


Estate Accounts are not permitted to have Overdraft. Other restrictions and conditions may apply.